Sunday 23rd June 2024 – Lodge Farm Showing show 2024

Class Two – Novice Working Hunter

1st – Susy Day – ted

2nd – Lily Crossland  – Brook Patats


Class Five – M&M Large Breeds Working Hunter

1 st – Cheska Connor – Hazelgill Hector

Class Six – Working Hunter Pony 133-153cms

1st Cheska Connor – Hazellgill Hector

Class Seven – Working Hunter Horse

1st RayUnderwood- Jessops rising star

Class Eight – Riding Club Pony/Horse

1st  Lily Crossland  – Brook Patats

2nd  Cheska Connor – Hazelgill Hector

Class Nine – Complete Beginners Showing

1st  – P Lownds – Shadow Light

2nd   A James – Tandrice Daydreamer

3rd –  L M Adams  – Mount Pleasant Blazie of Glory

4th – M Leigh – Johnny Boy

Class Ten – Novice/Green Horse

1st – Natalie – Apollo

2nd  P Lowndes – Shadow Light

3r- A James – Tandrice Daydreamer

4th – M Leigh – Johnny Boy

5th – Sharon Hodgkiss  – Potters Freddie

Class Twelve – Junior/Senior Equitation

1st – Lily Butler – Smartie

Class Thirteen C –  Ridden Pre Veteran 15-19yrs

1st     M Baggaley – SO O Malley

2nd  -L m Adams Mount Pleasant blaize of the day

Class Thirteen B Veteran

1st Charlotte Chorley – Wynbrook Patriot

Class Fourteen – Ridden Traditional, Native Cob

1st –   S Kudlek – Mouse

2nd   Amelia Charlton – Bronte

3rd   Jess Cliff  –  SD Sitting Pretty

Class Fifteen – Ridden Mountain and Moorland

1st  –  Sophie Sansom  – Llynheliq Topman

2nd –  R Butler  – Brynzeian Gwyndatt

3rd   Lily Butler – Smartie

4th – H Fallows – Foxhills History

Class Sixteen – Ridden Coloured, Spotted ,Palomino, Dun and Roan

1st   Charlotte Day – Fourgates Valentino

2nd –    Bella Rose – Mischief ( lead rein)

3rd   Amie Chesworth – So O Malley

Class Seventeen – Ridden Riding Horse including ROR

1st  K Wright – Pretoria’s Regal Legacy

2nd  Lily Grace Crossland – Brook Patat’s

3rd  – H Boulton – Silian Mist

Class Eighteen – Ridden Show/Show Pony Hunter Pony

1st Charlotte Chorley- Castle Warrior

2nd Charlotte Day- Fourgates Valentino

3rd Amelia Redgate- Sandboro Temptation

Class Nineteen – Riding Hunter Horses

1st Lilly-Grace Crossland- Brook Patats

2nd Amy Galloway – Longwood Pearl Dancer

3rd Hannah Boulton-silian Mist

Class Twenty – Ridden Open

1st K wright – petorias Regal Legacy

2nd Amy Galloway – Longwood Pearl Dancer

3rdR Butler- brustin Powyvalley Minstrial

Ridden Championship

Champion: Lilly-Grace Crossland- Brook Patats

Reserve Champion: K wright – petorias Regal Legacy

Class Twenty One – In-Hand Native &Non Native Youngstock

1st Joe Wrigley – Lissom Zeus

2nd- Dawn Wade – Elon Metaliic

3rd – Alan Wade – Elcon sugar Lace

4th Joel Walker – Ace of Diamonds

5th – Alice Brookfield – Fronarth Royal Jubilee

6th – Ross Cooper – Buddy

Class Twenty Three – In-Hand M&M (small and large)

1st – Dawn Wade – Elcon Metallic

2nd    Alan Wade- Elcon Sugar Lace

3rd Ross Cooper – Ringslead Spot on

4th – A Brookfield – Fronarth Royal Jubilee

5th – Stephanie Traynor – Thomas

6th – Freya Johnson – Rhys

Class Twenty Four – In- Hand Coloured Spotted Palomino Dun and Roan

1st   Josh- Trough resichief

2nd Amie Chesworth – so o mallehy

3rd R Butler- Wystone Lurgi

Class Twenty Five – In-Hand Plaited including ROR

1st Sharon Hodgkiss – Potters Freddie

Class Twenty Seven – In-Hand Traditional Cob, Native Cob,

1st –  R Butler – Wystone Lurgi

2nd  Alison Clements – Harvey

3rd –  Amelia Chorlton – Bronte

Class Twenty Eight C pre Veteran in hand

1st –  A Chesworth – So O Malley

2nd   Maclauley – Millin Della

3rd  Annabel Leigh- Danny Boy

Class Twenty Eight B In- Hand Veteran

1st      Natalie Stacey – Colour Field Lady

Class Twenty Nine – Young Handler 8-11yrs

1st –  M Wiliams  – Sally

2nd –  A Warren Clarke – Baby Poppy

3rd –  A Hulme –  Pepper



Class Thirty Two – Open In Hand

1st –   Sharon Hodgkiss – Potters Freddie

2nd –  Dawn Wade – Elcon Metallic

3rd Ross Cooper – Ringstead Spot on

In Hand Championship

Champion: joe- Lissem Zeus

Reserve: Sharon Hodgkiss – Potters Freddie

Class Thirty Three – Tiny Tots Lead Rein

1st- P Redgate –  Rotherwood Significance

 1St: Queenie Fallows – Coppice Mollion

Class Thirty Four – Lead Rein Pony

1st –   P Regate – Rotherwood Signifance

Class Thirty Five – Mountain and Moorland Lead Rein

1stBella rose –MisCheif

Class Thirty Six- Lead Rein/First Ridden Equitation

1st Tabitha Redgate – Rotherwood signifcance

Class Thirty Seven – First Year First Ridden

1st Tabitha Redgate – Rotherwood signifcance

2nd A james- Tandrice Daydreamer

3rd Q Follows- coppice Mollie

Class Thirty Eight – First Ridden

1st Tabitha Redgate – Rotherwood signifcance

2nd A james- Tandrice Daydreamer

Mini Championship

Champion: Q Follows- coppice Mollie

Reserve Champion: P Regate – Rotherwood Signifance